Why Face Wash is Important in Skin Care?

Irrespective of your age, one of the most important skincare steps is always going to be face wash. This is a fundamental aspect of skincare that you should not skip because it forms the base of clean and healthy skin. Most of us practice this. But we may be taking for granted just how important washing the face is and thus, often skip it on lazy days, or don’t do it the right way.

Why is Cleansing Your Face so Important?

There are two essential aspects we need to understand about washing our faces regularly and doing it right. Firstly, our skin works as our protective layer. Irrespective of your skin type and lifestyle, all external harmful factors, such as harsh sunlight, pollution, dust, and various types of germs can affect our skin during the day. This is true even if we are indoors.

Our skin, especially our face, is exposed to these elements. The unwanted elements can lead to several skin issues, which will be unfortunate, as such elements can be easily dealt with by cleansing the face well.

Why is Cleansing Your Face so Important?

Secondly, the different layers of the skin have to partake in different bodily processes all the time, day and night. As a part of its overall function, our skin produces sweat and sebum, among other things. These, as essential they are for healthy skin, can cause problems if left there for a long time. They can lead to problems like acne, whiteheads, blackheads, and more.

Face wash, or cleansing your face, is a way to ensure that all that has accumulated on your skin, externally and internally, is washed off. This allows your skin to feel fresh, breathe again, and lets it resume its full function.

Here are some desirable effects cleansing your face:

  • Removing dirt and grime
  • Cleansing off dead cells
  • Making other skincare products work better
  • Helping manage pH levels
  • Getting rid of Harmful germs
  • Freshness
  • Good fragrance
  • Keeps away from Skin ailments
  • Getting rid of chemicals (from makeup, cosmetics etc)

Now we know that washing our faces is an important factor of our skincare. It is best not to skip it, even on lazy days. But how do we ensure that we are doing it right?

6 Things to Keep in Mind While Washing Face!

It may seem small, but the right face cleansing routine can elevate your skincare efficacy. Here are a few steps to ensure that your face wash routine is flawless.

1. Washing your face twice a day

Elders were onto something when they would ask us to wash our face during the day, especially when we came home from outside. Irrespective of whether you are spending your time indoors or outdoors, ensure that you are washing your face twice a day at least - once in the morning and once in the evening. Not only does this help your daytime and night-time skincare products work more effectively, but it also allows for better skin cell regeneration around the clock. While using a face cleanser, make sure you wash your face in circular motions.

2. Identifying your skin type

Before you choose your face wash, identifying your skin type and skin issues is important. Based on this, you can choose a cleanser for dry skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin, or a light skin cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin with harsh chemicals. For most skin types, it is easier to choose an Ayurvedic face wash with ingredients that suit them.

3. Washing away makeup residue

While a good face wash will do its job, if you use heavy makeup on your skin, you may need an additional cleansing step. Double cleansing is the technique of cleansing that works best to remove makeup. Before you use your regular face wash, use an oil-based cleanser, or any suitable oil to break down your makeup and bring it back to the surface. Rinse this with water, and then go about your face wash routine.

4. Ensuring the correct temperature of water

Do not switch between hot and cold water. Also, extreme water temperatures may leave your skin worse than it was before the wash. Depending on your skin type, the product you are using, and the weather, choose between room temperature or lukewarm water.

5. Checking out the directions on the product

For better results, choose your face wash and stick to it for a longer duration to see results. Read about the quantity to be used for each application and the directions of using the product for optimum results.

6. Avoid overdoing it

An excess of anything does not bring better or rapid results. Washing your face is a regular practice. So, do not try to wash your face too many times a day as it will strip the skin of the essentials and may leave it worse. If you are looking for face washes that work best for regular use, yet keep the skin naturally balanced, look for herbal face washes. Ayurvedic ingredients help address specific concerns and resolve them.

Which Is the Best Ayurvedic Face Wash?

If you are looking for the best Ayurvedic face wash that works for your concerns and is safe for everyday use, look no further than the range of herbal face washes by Medimix. Here are the face washes that will suit your concerns.

Face Wash for Acne-prone Skin

The  Medimix Anti Pimple Face Wash is a product with herbs like Neem, Aloe Vera, and Amaya which work together to give you pimple-free skin. Formulated with Fast Acting Ayurveda, regular use of this face wash should start showing results in three days. Another option for acne and pimples is the Medimix Anti Pollution Face Wash. Turmeric gently exfoliates and hydrates, while Argan oil leaves the skin moisturized without feeling heavy.

Anti pimple face wash

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Face Wash for Dry Skin

If your skin seems dry and dull all year round, the Medimix Moisturising Face Wash may be the best choice for you. Enriched with milk cream, the face wash not only gently cleanses your skin but also moisturises it, thus helping you in achieving a glowing skin. Furthermore, it consists of Kesar is known to enrich and even out the skin tone.

Face Wash for Dry Skin

Face Wash for Oily Skin

The combination of honey and besan is known to be effective on oily skin. Besan washes the excess oil, sebum, and dead cells off the skin. Honey ensures that the natural balance of the skin is maintained, thus not leaving it too dry. The Medimix Oil Clear Face Wash offers the honey-besan goodness in a single pack, so you can combat oily skin wherever you go.

Face Wash for Oily Skin

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Face Wash for fighting Skin Tan

The Medimix Anti Tan Face Wash can be your go-to product for fighting tan and preventing it. Tanaka is a herbal ingredient that prevents tanning while also deep cleansing the skin and providing natural nourishment. On the other hand, Aloe Vera keeps the skin moisturised.

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Anti Tan Face Wash

Face Wash for Dull or Sensitive Skin

Dull skin needs a burst of energy to restore its radiance and natural glow. The Medimix Natural Glow face wash brings together ginger and sugarcane. Sugarcane helps the skin by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, while ginger is known to improve the elasticity of the skin. Suitable for all skin types, the natural glow face wash can also help with blemishes.

Natural Glow Face Wash

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All Medimix face washes are based on Fast Acting Ayurveda and are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and 100% vegan. They are dermatologically tested to be safe on the skin.