Skincare Routine for Oily or Acne-prone Skin

One of the biggest skincare challenges faced by most people, especially teenagers and young adults, is oily or acne-prone skin. 

A good skincare routine can help make a huge difference.

Let’s take a look.

1. Cleansing

It doesn’t matter what your skin type is, cleansing should be the first step to your skincare routine. Having oily or acne-prone skin makes it even more important to cleanse, even twice a day if possible.

Use a good face wash for oily skin that can help remove excess oil without affecting the skin. Typically, chemical-based acne cleansers are harsh on the skin and cause dryness. So, instead of healing, they leave your skin vulnerable to breakouts.

It would be best to opt for an Ayurvedic face wash for oily skin containing natural ingredients such as honey.

2. Toning

Once you are done with cleansing, it is time to apply a toner. It will help open up the pores of your skin and prepare your skin for the next step. After using a toner, your skin can better absorb other products. Toners are also known to remove the excess oil from your skin, hydrating it further.

Tip: Toners with alcohol could irritate your skin or make it drier. Choose a natural variant instead.

3. Moisturising

Remember the mantra – hydrated skin equals happy skin. Moisturising is an essential part of a skincare routine as it helps:

  • Restore
  • Hydrate
  • Protect

Do you really need to moisturise oily skin? Yes, you do. All skin types need hydration as without it the glands overwork themselves and in the process produce more oil. This can result in clogged pores and overly shiny looking skin.

Your moisturiser need not be specific. What matters is that the ingredients should offer deep nourishment. Also, make sure the list of ingredients is simple, maybe two or three. Go for a moisturiser with ingredients such as milk, cream, a fruit or honey, or Kesar if you are going for an Ayurvedic or herbal variant.

A mix and match of too many active ingredients could cause severe irritation.

Did we forget scrubbing?

Not at all! Cleansing and scrubbing are both essential components. However, there is a debate on which one comes first.

  • Cleaning before scrubbing

When you cleanse first, you remove all the dirt and sweat and the cosmetics from your skin. Then you have a clean base, a fresh layer of skin to tone and moisturise. 

  • Scrubbing before cleaning

This is a bit unusual, but not unheard of. Scrubbing leaves some residue and dead skin cells. Cleansing after can help wash all of that away, leaving you with smooth, clean skin.

This is more like a preference thing. Try both and see what suits you best.

Oily skin is not the only challenge 

These days, there’s exposure to a lot of factors such as environmental pollution and harsh or rapidly changing climatic conditions. To add to that, there is a greater focus on using products that contain natural ingredients. People are not only concerned about protecting the skin from dirt, pimples, and the effects of weather, but also harmful chemicals.

In such a scenario, the last thing people want is to use products that could cause side effects on the skin. This is why people are keen on buying products such as Herbal Face Scrub or an Ayurvedic face wash for oily skin.

Why Choose Medimix for Oily or Acne-prone Skin?

Medimix’s face wash for oily skin  is an amalgamation of various natural ingredients with no side effects. The herbal face scrub gently cleanses your skin and improves its texture. The face mask keeps your skin safe from environmental toxins and harm throughout the day. 

When used regularly, the range of Medimix products will make you #SkinFit naturally!