9 Tips and Tricks to Revitalize and Add Volume to Your Hair

Every woman desires a luscious and healthy mane, whether her hair is long, short, curly, or straight. Unfortunately, some of us have dull, dry, and brittle hair. Getting a great haircut, trying a new hairstyle, or simply letting your hair down. These may appear to be simple tricks, especially if you have the right hair texture!

If you don't have thick hair, every hair cut can fall flat in a couple of weeks, if not days, every hair style falls out of shape by the end of the day and leaving your hair loose may seem like a distant dream! If you want to add volume and thickness to your fine, thin hair, here are a few tips and tricks you can try.

Ayurvedic Tips for Hair Thickness

1. Use an Ayurvedic Shampoo

Choosing the right moisture shampoo for your hair is very important. More so, because the market is overflowing with shampoos formulated for various purposes such as dandruff removal, hair growth, hair thickening and so on. Ayurvedic hair shampoo contains natural ingredients; hence it is always better for you than any chemical hair shampoo.

Opt for Medimix Volumising Shampoo for best results. This ayurvedic shampoo is enriched with carrot seed oil and vegetable keratin that make hair thicker, voluminous, and bouncier. The Volumising shampoo for thin hair is 100% natural and contains no harmful chemicals.

Volumising Shampoo

2. Condition Your Hair 

A conditioner forms a protective layer on your hair, keeping it healthy and glowing. Herbal hair conditioners contain natural extracts and are free of harmful chemicals. They are safer to apply to the scalp and hair roots because they are natural. Medimix herbal conditioners are made up of a variety of natural extracts that condition your hair beautifully.

For example, you could apply a Volumising and Bouncing Conditioner, which is designed with natural components that work together to help hair develop and protect. This conditioner adds volume and a lovely bounce to your hair.

Medimix Volumising and Bouncing Conditioner

3. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Avoid washing your hair every day. This can damage your hair by removing a protective layer, causing it to become weaker. Using dry shampoo is also preferable.

4. Massage Your Scalp

Oil massage is one of the age-old remedies for extra-shiny and bouncy hair. This is also the best at-home hair care remedy. You can make this with olive oil, coconut oil, or almond oil. Warm the oil slightly and thoroughly massage your scalp. Allow it to sit on your hair for an hour before washing it. You can also leave it on overnight to condition it. If you have oily hair, make sure you don’t overuse the oil while massaging your scalp.

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5. Allow Your Hair to Dry

Whatever you do, don't brush your wet or damp hair because it's at its weakest and most vulnerable to breakage, split ends, and damage. Worse, you can pull hair out of the roots this way. When your hair is almost or completely dry, it is the best time to brush it. If you have tangles after washing your hair or swimming, you can use a wide-tooth comb on wet hair to restore order, but make sure the tooth ends are smooth so you don't irritate your scalp. Also, when combing your hair, make sure you're combing slowly.

6. Brush the Right Way

Brushing your hair regularly is a sure way to improve the lustre of your hair. Brushing distributes the natural oils throughout the length of your hair. Make sure you avoid plastic brushes because they cause more breakage.

Brush the Right Way
Brushing wet hair should be done with caution because wet hair is more prone to breakage. Having said that, the best way to detangle wet hair is to use a wide tooth comb. A wide tooth comb will easily glide through your strands while causing little to no damage. Another fantastic technique is to use a blow dryer/air dryer to blow dry to add volume to hair and style it to perfection. However, always use a heat protection serum or spray before blow-drying your hair!

7. Choose Satin Pillow Covers

Sleeping on satin pillowcases has been shown to reduce friction-induced hair breakage. Silk or satin pillowcases have a silky-smooth fabric that allows your hair to glide across the surface more easily. For those of you with curly hair, this also helps to reduce frizz. Cotton is not a preferred material for a pillowcase for the same reason that it is great for keeping you dry when it's hot outside. Cotton absorbs moisture, which is bad for both your hair and your skin.

8. Avoid Overuse of Chemicals

Chemical products can leave hair dull and dry. Aside from being bad for your hair, the chemicals are bad for the environment as well. As a result, it is preferable to use organic or herbal hair care products as it is good for your hair and the environment.

9. Don’t Use Too Many Products

Excessive heating and use of too many hair care products such as curling iron, chemical shampoos and other volume products can cause irreversible damage. Instead, opt for natural ingredients such as coconut oil, aloe vera, and gooseberry, which will not only help solve your problem from the root but will also help prevent other hair-related issues such as hair fall, frizziness, and so on. Also, avoid using hair ties that are too tight. Tight hair ties tend to pull your hair back tightly, increasing friction and causing breakage.

10. Change Your Hair Parting

Changing your hair parting creates the illusion of instant volume as a temporary solution. While we prefer to part our hair in a certain way because we believe it flatters our face shape, the parting becomes too strong, causing the hair to become limp in that section. Change your parting for a quick fix and observe the visible difference.

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Make sure to use these healthy hair tips on a regular basis for better results. Proper scalp care, the use of appropriate hair products, and a nutritious diet can all aid in the maintenance of strong luscious hair. Medimix also offers a variety of Ayurvedic shampoos and conditioners based on hair type.