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Why Ayurvedic Shampoo is Good for Hair?

A high quality, non-damaging shampoo is an integral part of a good hair-care routine. An Ayurvedic shampoo is excellent for hair in more ways than one. Its major attribute is that it nourishes your hair from within, with essential nutrients without harming them.

Ayurvedic hair shampoo consists of safe, non-allergic, natural ingredients that clean the scalp and keep your hair smooth and shiny. However, the important part is to choose the right Ayurvedic shampoo that is best for your hair.

Choose the right Ayurvedic Hair Shampoo 

Choosing the right shampoo for your hair is very important. More so, because the market is teeming with shampoos formulated for various purposes such as dandruff removal, hair growth, hair thickening and so on. One thing is clear. Ayurvedic hair shampoo contains natural ingredients, so it is always better for you than the chemical one.

Just make sure that you are making the right choice, according to the type of your hair and the nature of your scalp. Also, if you are suffering from problems such as dandruff, greasiness, premature greying, buy an Ayurvedic shampoo containing ingredients that solve your problem.

Medimix has a range of shampoos that have proven to be effective for various hair problems. 

For having healthy and dandruff free hair, Medimix Ayurvedic Medicated Anti dandruff Shampoo is an ideal choice. This dandruff removal shampoo is enriched with Thyme Oil, which treats the scaly scalp and makes it smooth and supple. Another protective factor is the Rosemary extract, which prevents scalp irritation and treats baldness. Use this medicated anti-dandruff shampoo and feel the difference. You will find your hair getting thicker, stronger and dandruff free. You will love to flaunt them.

  • Shampoo for Hair Fall and Dandruff

Medimix shampoo range is very effective for hair fall and dandruff. The Medimix Colour Protection & Moisturising shampoo is great for hair fall and dandruff. It contains Green Tea Extract, which prevents hair loss, and lemon that protects from dandruff.

Medimix Deep Cleansing & Hydrating Shampoo contains Soap Nut that prevents hair fall and almond to promote hair growth. It can be used as an Ayurvedic shampoo for dandruff as well since it has lemon, which treats dandruff.

Medimix Softening & Silkening Shampoo is a highly effective herbal shampoo for dry hair. The Jojoba Oil and Hibiscus Extract combination hydrates and restores your scalp. Coconut provides hair moisturisation.

Medimix Revitalising & Repair Shampoo is also a good natural shampoo for dry hair. It has Aloe Vera, which leaves your hair smooth and soft. Also, ingredients such as Lotus Extract, Castor Bean, Coconut Milk and False Daisy make it the best natural shampoo for dry hair.

Medimix Deep Cleansing & Hydrating Shampoo contains the nutrient-rich combination of Argan oil and almond extract. This scalp cleansing shampoo helps moisturise your scalp and removes impurities. With other ingredients such as Soap Nut, Lemon and White Dammer, this natural scalp cleansing shampoo leaves your hair clean and healthy.

  • Herbal Shampoo for Dandruff

There are many nourishing elements in Medimix herbal anti dandruff shampoo. Neem Oil, Lemon Seed, Shampoo Ginger, Sunflower, Tea Tree make it a great herbal shampoo for dandruff. 

Take Care of Your Hair This Diwali with Medimix’s Organic Products

The festive season is all about having fun, getting together with friends and family, and simply having a good time. During the Diwali occasion, we try to look our best and experiment with different hair styles, which exposes them to harmful chemicals and pollution. Proper care is essential during and after Diwali, and you must take extra precautions. On occasion of Diwali, it's important to start with right care in advance so that your hair is prepared for the festival and it causes minimum damage to your locks.

The best way to combat hair problems is to use herbal hair care products made from natural ingredients. Get festive ready with Medimix's hair care products, which are specifically designed to address any hair problem. These natural hair care products can help you strengthen and smooth your hair, as well as tackle any hair fall issues. Our deep cleansing shampoo contains soap nut, almond extract, and argan oil to restore shine, cleanse impurities, and remove dust and pollutant particles. You can purchase from a wide range of Medimix Hair Care and Body Care products such as Medimix ayurvedic soap and more that work on all skin types.

Ayurvedic Shampoo FAQS

1. Which is the best dandruff removal shampoo?

Ayurvedic anti-dandruff shampoo is an effective remedy for dandruff. Medimix Anti-Dandruff & Scalp Treatment is a proven Dandruff removal shampoo because of the goodness of its ingredients.  

2. How can I make my hair bouncy?

Medimix Ayurvedic Volumising & Bouncing Shampoo has carrot seed oil, vegetable keratin extract, milk and eclipta, which give hair shine and bounce.

3. Is Ayurvedic hair shampoo better for dandruff than the regular one?

Yes, Ayurvedic shampoo is always better for dandruff than the regular one because it does not contain harmful chemicals and nourishes hair without any side effects.

4. I am suffering from hair fall and dandruff. Which Herbal anti-dandruff shampoo should I use?

Medimix Ayurvedic anti dandruff shampoo gives excellent results in reducing dandruff. Every single wash of this herbal shampoo with herbal hair conditioner is effective as a treatment for dandruff.
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