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Revitalize Your Skin With Medimix Ayurvedic Face Scrub

With daily exposure to pollution and smog, your face can lose its glow and radiance. Face scrubs gently exfoliate your skin, ridding it of any unwanted pollutants and dirt. Herbal face scrubs by Medimix provide your skin with nourishment offered only by the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. You can achieve a salon-like glow right from your home. The natural ingredients such as sandalwood, neem, multani clay, and numerous essential oils energize your skin by taking care of any skin problems you might be facing. Our range of Ayurvedic face scrubs is safe for everyday use. No harmful chemicals are used in these skin-care products.

Restore Your Beautiful and Radiant Skin With Herbal Face Scrub

Medimix face scrub is made with organic components. These ingredients have been selected according to the ancient science found in Ayurveda. It can be used every day to achieve best results. Ingredients include lemon and aloevera, which provide your skin with moisturizing treatment, while taking care of any spots and blemishes. Their antimicrobial properties keep your skin refreshed and healthy. Infused with various medicinal and fragrant herbs, our everyday face scrub can be used for any skin type. It provides care and nourishment for oily, dry, as well as normal skin.

This face scrub will cleanse your skin from within and give it a healthy and natural glow. Face scrubs are a technique used for restoring the texture and suppleness of skin. Gently massaging the face scrub on your wet face can help improve blood circulation to the face and relax the stressed muscles. Its effects are best observed when used twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening. Do not forget to use circular motions while applying the face scrub to spread it evenly and massage your face. Let it sit for a couple of minutes while washing your face thoroughly.

Herbal Face Scrub FAQs

1. How Many Times Should One Ideally Use a Face Scrub?

If you are using an Ayurvedic face scrub, it is probably okay to use it every day, unless it is prescribed on the product otherwise. Taking us back to nature, natural face scrubs restore our natural glow without compromising its health or texture. Chemical face scrubs might be able to provide you with an unnaturally bright glow, but they take a toll on the well-being of your skin. You can use herbal face scrubs made with ingredients such as aloevera, neem, multani clay, and lemon regularly.

2. What Should One Apply After Using Face Scrub?

You can couple the Medimix Face Scrub with the Medimix Face Wash for best results. After thoroughly cleansing your skin with the herbal face wash, you can use a face scrub to re-moisturize your skin. Following face wash with face scrub and then proceeding with the rest of your skin routine will protect your skin, not only from dust and pollution, but also from unwanted micro-residues of any chemicals. Using our everyday face scrub will make sure that your skin looks fabulous both with and without any makeup!