1. This scheme is valid for the period between 15th October to 15th January 2022.
  2. This scheme is valid for the all ASM territories of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh and MP – Urban & Rural.
  3. This scheme is valid only for the purchase of Medimix Glycerine soap, Sandal soap, Face wash SKUs.
  4. Only the purchases from the authorized distributors / Super Stockiest of the respective areas shall be part of the scheme.
  5. This scheme is  designed  in such a way that the participant has to  Guess the correct number of Medimix products kept inside Honda Amaze Car and get the Honda Amaze Car as prize. The number refers to the total number of products kept inside irrespective of the category. Cholayil Private Limited has the right to change he car at any given point without giving prior notice thereof. The same will be acceptable to all participants.
  6. In case of no correct guess, the closest guess will be considered as the winner. The closest guess refers to the number which are nearest (above or below) the correct number.
  7. In the event there are more than one correct guess, winner will be decided by Lucky Draw in a fair and transparent manner. The decision of CPL in this regard will be final and accepted to all.
  8. CPL (the company) reserves the right to cancel or postpone the scheme without any prior notice.
  9. Guess coupon should be filled by ball pen, no overwriting/corrections shall be allowed, guess coupon should be sealed and signed by retailer & stockiest. The responses can also be filled digitally and the receipt of the same will be sent through an SMS to the participants.
  10. This Activity is applicable only for company dealers and not to general public.
  11. Result of the contest will be declared at the company decided venue and city
  12. CPL reserves the right to change/modify the gifts without prior notice. If for some reasons the displayed gifts are not available, a gift item of equivalent MRP will be given.
  13. Gifts cannot be exchanged with cash, under any circumstances.
  14. If the cost of the gift goes down during the operations of the scheme, CPL cannot be held responsible for the same.
  15. Items shown in the illustrations are only illustrative in nature.
  16. All disputes are subject to Chennai jurisdiction only.
  17. Winner should take delivery of Honda Amaze Car at ex-showroom rate without any accessories.
  18. All other levies/taxes & requirement will be borne by the winner.
  19. All gift are subject to TDS and shall be borne by winner of the prize.
  20. The Medimix mega event for Maharashtra region will be held in Pune and for Gujarat, MP and Chhattisgarh region will be held in Ahmedabad, the winners will have to make their own arrangements to attend this event. The company reserve right to change the city at its sole discretion.
  21. The parties who will win the Mega prize, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th will not be entitled for any further prizes in lucky draw.
  22. This offer is exclusively provided by CPL and CPL disclaims any responsibility associated with this offer and under no circumstances will its affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers or employees be held liable for any part of this offer.
  23. CPL reserve right to modify/cancel the activity at its sole discretion. The decision of CPL shall be final.
  24. CPL reserves the right to use the name/picture of the winners to for the brand promotion activities.
  25. The number of guess coupons are valid for single purchase only for the given amount. Multiple purchases cannot be clubbed together to avail higher slab of guess coupons.
  26. Every participant will get 1 guess coupon on invoice value of Rs. 700/-, 3 coupons on invoice value of Rs. 2000/-, and 8 coupons on invoice value of Rs. 5000/-.