Medimix Herbal Face Pack

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Get a Radiant Glow with an Ayurvedic Face Pack 

Ayurvedic face packs utilize the best organic ingredients that do not harm your skin but gently nourish it using the power of ancient sciences found in Ayurveda. They are available in numerous variants according to specific skin types.

They are designed to moisturise, tone, rejuvenate, and cleanse your face, reducing the marks of pollution and acne, as well as pimples. Herbal face packs are also beneficial for relaxation as they help reduce the tension of the skin and clean pores evenly. You can call them one of the best one-stop solutions for your skin-care routine.

How to choose the right herbal face pack for your skin type?

It is absolutely essential to opt for face packs made with organic and herbal ingredients. Chemicals used in normal face packs might be harmful to the skin and can diminish the radiance and glow of your face after prolonged use. Herbal face packs, on the other hand, use the goodness of nature and its bounty of ingredients to restore and replenish your skin with the heavenly glow that it absolutely deserves. 

Herbal ingredients such as turmeric and sandalwood help restore the tone and natural colour of your skin. Essential oils such as lakshadi oil and argan oil replenish the moisture and battle toxic pollutants. Neem is an essential Ayurvedic face pack ingredient that takes care of acne and pimples, while also combating harmful bacteria and skin infections.

Medimix’s Anti Pimple face pack  is one of the best Ayurvedic face packs for pimples. Ideal for skin that is prone to acne and pimples, this face pack includes the best organic ingredients such as neem, Multani mitti, and cinnamon. Neem is a great antibacterial agent that helps you fight off pimples and rashes. Multani mitti or Multani clay is an ancient ingredient used in cosmetics and personal care products for thousands of years.  It cleanses the skin thoroughly and removes dirt and other impurities. Cinnamon, commonly used as a spice, is a great resource in the fight against bacteria that causes acne. It also nourishes your skin and moisturises it from within. Infused with essential Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients, Medimix’s Anti Pimple face pack is one of the best face packs for acne scars.

Herbal Face Pack FAQs

Which face pack is best for daily use?

Ayurvedic face packs would be ideal for everyday use. Natural ingredients do not harm your skin and they restore the glow and radiance of your skin. The absence of toxic cosmetic chemicals prevents your skin from ageing or discolouring. Medimix’s Anti Pimple face pack would not only take care of your skin problems but also help you relax and re-energise like a spa treatment right at your home!

Which face pack is best for glowing skin?    

Face packs that include ingredients such as Multani mitti, turmeric, sandalwood, and aloe vera are best for achieving glowing skin. Natural ingredients like neem and cinnamon deeply cleanse your skin and restore it to its natural glow. Medimix’s Anti Pimple face pack is not only the best Ayurvedic face pack for pimples but it also restores the radiance and glow of your face.

What is the best face pack for acne scars?

Medimix’s Anti Pimple face pack works on both acne and pimples. Acne scars, which can leave their impact on your face long after the acne is gone, can be cured and vanished with the daily use of this face pack. It helps retain the natural glow of the skin and also cleanses it deeply to get rid of any impurities. Cinnamon used in this face pack helps battle acne and gives you soft, supple skin.