Neem Hand Wash: 99.9% Germ Protection* with Natural Ingredients

The Azadirachta Indica tree, popularly known as the Neem Tree, may have recently garnered a lot of attention, but the ancient texts have sung its glory from the beginning of time. Though deeply rooted in India, Neem leaves have made their way far and wide across the globe - some in the form of scrubs, some as gels, and some in the form of handwashes. 

Neem has a therapeutic effect when used as a cleanser, moisturizer, and handwash. Furthermore, Neem has the ability to fight fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Medimix brings you a range of Neem hand washes featuring Neem in its natural element.

herbal hand wash

Hand Washes from Medimix

Harnessing the power of Ayurveda, the product line at Medimix features all-natural, vegan, and paraben-free products. The Medimix Ayurvedic Nature Care Handwash series is designed to protect your hands from germs. Tested for their action on 99.9% germs in just 10 seconds, these handwashes feature three star ingredients - Neem, Tulsi and Aloe vera. 

Each ingredient keeps your hands clean, nourished, and helps retain the natural softness of the skin. The Fast-Acting Ayurveda technique helps your skin attain its natural cleanliness. Along with effective cleansing that is gentle on the skin, these handwashes leave you with softer, odour-free hands.

Here are two of the most celebrated Medimix Neem handwashes to look out for:

With the goodness of Neem and Tulsi, this handwash leaves your hands feeling clean and moisturized. Aloe vera helps maintain the suppleness of your skin and keeps it wrinkle-free. 

Neem, Tulsi ,& Aloe vera Handwash

Turmeric keeps away bacteria and helps prevent the possibility of any rash. Packed with bioactive compounds such as Curcumin, the herb lends its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to the handwash too. This herbal hand wash has the nectar of nature in every drop. 

Neem, Aloe vera, & Turmeric Handwash

Some of the more intriguing benefits of Neem for the skin:

  • Treatment for skin disorders:

Ayurveda has cited the various wonders of Neem for the skin, one of which is treating skin disorders. Ayurveda says that the presence of properties such as Kashaya within Neem makes it effective against various types of skin disorders.

  • Prevention of worm infections and bacteria:

Another little-known benefit of Neem is its ability to help suppress the growth of worms and other rashes on your skin. The presence of tikta and krimihar properties in Neem keeps the growth of any foreign bacteria and infection at bay. 

Easy steps to use Medimix’s Neem and Aloe vera Handwash:

Follow these simple steps and you’ll have your hands clean, nourished, soft, and germ-free in no time. 

Step 1: Wet your hands with water

Step 2: Take a coin-sized amount of handwash and lather your hands by rubbing them together with it

Step 3: Scrub your hand for at least 20 seconds. Make sure you also rub the back of your hand and the gaps between your fingers well

Step 4: Rinse your hands well under clean, running water

Step 5: Pat your hands dry using a clean towel

Your hands tend to take on a lot of laborious work during the day. Regular use of a Neem Hand Wash from Medimix that gives the right pH balance for your skin is a great way to take care of them.

*As per lab test